The Globify Method

Did you know that the 3,000 most-used words in English comprise 95% of spoken and written English?
3,000 words = 95% comprehension

With this important discovery by linguistic scientists, it is now possible for everyone to achieve full fluency in English in an efficient and measurable way.

At Globify, we teach the 3000 most-used words in our Core 3000 Program. We also teach the most-used terms (words, phrases and sentences) in a variety of topics to help learners achieve over 98% comprehension. The result is the achievement of true fluency in English.

What Is the Problem?


Unfortunately, the vast majority of learners do not know that such a clear and measurable method to achieve English fluency exists.

But there is an even bigger problem: most learners are trapped by the Plateau Effect.

Curse of the Plateau Effect


The Plateau Effect is a discouraging and frustrating phenomenon where learners make little to no improvement despite their time and effort.

The cause is learners being exposed to the same vocabulary, sentence patterns, and situations over and over again, even if they are using English daily.

The result is learners sticking to the vocabulary they are comfortable with and making little to no progress in their language performance.

Our Solution

Globify provides a unique Flashcard service that uses ‘Entertainment Media’ to make learning fun and memorable.

TV Shows & Movies


AI-generated Images


Entertainment Media includes short, fun clips from your favorite TV shows and movies, as well as engaging AI-generated images.

By combining Entertainment Media with short sample sentences, you will learn English in context and in an enjoyable way. This method replicates how native speakers learn new vocabulary.

In addition, Globify’s Media Flashcard service integrates the powerful ‘Leitner System’. This is a scientifically proven method that uses Spaced Repetition and the Spacing Effect to maximize learning efficiency.


Through Spaced Repetition and the Spacing Effect, learners are exposed to new and more challenging Flashcards more frequently. Meanwhile, older and easier Flashcards are shown less frequently. This system allows learners to concentrate on the words they find most difficult.

Why is Entertainment Media so effective?


Entertainment Media is a highly effective tool for learning English for the following reasons:

Fun & Engaging: Keeps learners motivated

Contextual Learning: Mirrors how native speakers learn

Authentic Language: Demonstrates how English is used in real-life situations

Listening Skills Improvement: Makes learners comfortable with native spoken English

Why are Flashcards so effective?


Reviewing Flashcards is an efficient and time-proven way to learn a new language. 

A great advantange of using Flashcards is that you must apply “active recall” to remember something you studied previously.

The active recall process helps build neural pathways in your brain so it’s easier to remember that answer in the future.

How does Globify Method work?

Step 1: Place Flashcards in Their Appropriate Boxes

For each Flashcard, review the Entertainment Media to see if you can understand the meaning without any translations. Afterwards, flip the card over and choose the box that best matches how well you understood the meaning.

Step 2: Learn Thousands of Flashcards Efficiently

The Leitner System’s box method will enable you to review Flashcards using different timelines. Here’s an example of how it works:

Correctly answered cards


Incorrectly answered cards

When your answer is correct, place the Flashcard in the box to the right. When you are incorrect, place it in the box to the left. This system ensures that Flashcards you find difficult are studied more often.

The constant rearranging of the Flashcards reveals the power of the Leitner System. Depending on a learner’s performance, the system can increase or decrease the spacing intervals of each Flashcard.

As each Flashcard is reviewed on a personalized schedule, you will eventually succeed in placing all of your Flashcards in the “Know” box.



With Globify, you can master English like native speakers do.

We systematically teach you the key vocabulary and sentences you need to learn to become fluent. And by using the power of entertainment, we can provide you with far more interesting situations and varied content than real life ever can.

Globify — your best language partner imaginable.‎