19 units · 376 words


  1. 初級
    1. 初級 1

      20 words

      kill two birds with one stone, curiosity killed the cat, go down in flames, step up one's game, cry over spilled milk, take a rain check, on the same page, hit rock bottom, hit the books, save for a rainy day, not one’s cup of tea, calm before the storm, move up in the world, be like oil and water, it's raining cats and dogs, bad apple, apples and oranges, time flies when you're having fun, butterflies in one's stomach, can't judge a book by its cover

    2. 初級 2

      20 words

      the early bird gets the worm, in the same boat, for the record, lose one's touch, in one's hands, the likes of, out of one's hands, under the sun, in hot water, get out of hand, get/set something straight, icing on the cake, keep your chin up, keep your ears open, once in a blue moon, devil's advocate, set in stone, in full swing, be a happy camper, every cloud has a silver lining

    3. 初級 3

      20 words

      packed like sardines, the big/larger picture, cut somebody some slack, get in someone's way, get it through your head, second wind, think outside the box, through thick and thin, wake up on the wrong side of the bed, beg the question, the pot calling the kettle black, the gloves are off, wrap one's head around something, flavor of the month, run like the wind, get one's act together, fish out of water, on thin ice, break a leg, rain or shine

    4. 初級 4

      20 words

      a long shot, boil down to, free as a bird, come to mind, with a bang, let it go, take it easy, leap of faith, smart cookie, poker face, have a sweet tooth, black sheep of the family, miss the point, from rags to riches, bridge the gap, give someone a break, loose ends, on the right track, plain as day, spice something up

    5. 初級 5

      20 words

      stepping stone, think twice, (to be) swamped, leave/make a mark, to say the least, tough call, to put words in/into someone's mouth, to take the words out of someone's mouth, at the end of the day, big deal, by the book, strapped for cash, take someone to the cleaners, have time on one's hands, come hell or high water, put your money where your mouth is, go in one ear and out the other, do not bat an eye/eyelash, someone's true colors, that's another story

    6. 初級 6

      20 words

      give it a whirl, pat on the back, smells fishy, two peas in a pod, up in the air, stab someone in the back, cut to the chase, give the green light, have bigger fish to fry, cutting corners, on the fence, clean slate, man of his word, every last/single, state of the art, get cracking, scare the pants off someone, cool as a cucumber, down the line, feast or famine

    7. 初級 7

      11 words

      have/get a handle on, Midas touch, a method in one’s madness, throw up one’s hands, throw one's hat in/into the ring, tipping point, drop one's jaw, stick to one's guns, wave of the future, weather a storm, close the deal (strike a deal / secure the deal)

  2. 中級
    1. 中級 1

      20 words

      let the cat out of the bag, leave a bad taste in your mouth, bend over backwards, straight from the horse's mouth, best thing since sliced bread, pick someone's brain, twist someone’s arm, up to one's eyeballs, hit the ground running, hit the nail on the head, ahead of the curve, get a taste of your own medicine, food for thought, chip off the old block, water under the bridge, bread and butter, go cold turkey, spill the beans, sparks fly, talk in circles

    2. 中級 2

      20 words

      a piece of cake, talk someone's ear off, test the waters, I'll cross that bridge when I come/get to it, give someone the cold shoulder, have your head in the clouds, steal someone's thunder, look like a million bucks, in the nick of time, in the pipeline, butter someone up, like pulling teeth, off the top of one’s head, once the dust settles, out for blood, rub salt into the wound, take something by storm, teach someone the ropes, the other side of the coin, pull the trigger

    3. 中級 3

      21 words

      the ball is in your court, find your feet, save someone's bacon, whatever floats your boat, costs an arm and a leg, strange bedfellows, pull out all the stops, shoot from the hip, run the gauntlet, level the playing field, out of the woods, above your pay grade, back against the wall, wolf in sheep's clothing, get to the bottom of something, break the ice, fit as a fiddle, all of a sudden, all over the place, once in a while

    4. 中級 4

      21 words

      take for granted, off the hook, pull someone's leg, rain on someone's parade, save your breath, skeleton(s) in the/your closet, that ship has sailed, over the moon, devil-may-care, a short fuse, the nitty-gritty, a storm is brewing, add insult to injury, at a/the crossroads, hand in glove, in the long run, put on airs, one's best bet, over the top, shell out money / fork over money

    5. 中級 5

      21 words

      blow something out of proportion, bigwig, fall afoul of, have a life of its own, kick someone around, go back to square one, an uphill battle, shoot for the moon, down to the wire, fall apart at the seams, throw someone under the bus, born with a silver spoon in one’s mouth, not take something lying down, hold/keep someone or something at bay, throw down the gauntlet, tricks of the trade, beside oneself, birds of a feather (flock together), cut one's teeth, go down that road

    6. 中級 6

      21 words

      go for broke, tough/hard as nails, in the short run, keep one's head, keep an eye on / have an eye on, leave high and dry, live hand to mouth, long in the tooth, make a face, meat and potatoes, not know someone from Adam, the gift of gab, the real McCoy, up to snuff, look someone up and down, make (or miss) the cut, make up one's mind, put something on ice, someone's heart is in the right place, set the bar

  3. 上級
    1. 上級 1

      20 words

      nip something in the bud, a drop in the bucket, elephant in the room, barking up the wrong tree, put your foot in your mouth, beat around the bush, water off a duck's back, lose your marbles, a couch potato, a fly on the wall, ring a bell, get the ball rolling, read between the lines, get cold feet, out of the blue, rock the boat, come out of the closet, the whole nine yards, to give a run for one’s money, bite the bullet

    2. 上級 2

      20 words

      hard/bitter pill to swallow, hard/tough nut to crack, back to the drawing board, baptism by fire, in a nutshell, scratch the surface, look on the bright side (of things), throw caution to the wind, behind closed doors, not to mince one's words, on the back burner, see the light at the end of the tunnel, shoot yourself in the foot, stick your nose into something, looking out for number one, burn the candle at both ends, until the cows come home, run amok, by and large, fall into place

    3. 上級 3

      20 words

      on (or off) the air, the bottom line, make ends meet, leave no stone unturned, get off on the wrong foot, see eye to eye, like riding a bicycle, make a mountain out of a molehill, make waves, get the short end of the stick, hit the sack/hay, rule of thumb, face the music, hold/stand your ground, take with a grain of salt, by the skin of your teeth, in the bag, keep at arm's length, sleep on it, a slap in the face

    4. 上級 4

      20 words

      don't put all your eggs in one basket, playing with fire, make a long story short, the last/final straw, throw in the towel, trial and error, tip of the iceberg, once and for all, under the weather, have something up one's sleeve, turn a blind eye, break the bank, bite off more than you can chew, bite the hand that feeds you, blow off steam / let off steam, blow​/​toot one's own horn, clean as a whistle, clear the air, fall on deaf ears, dig one’s heels in

    5. 上級 5

      20 words

      down to earth, draw the line, shot in the arm, get off your high horse, rake someone over the coals, grab/take the bull by the horns, hear it through the grapevine, play second fiddle, jump on the bandwagon, burn the midnight oil, keep your nose to the grindstone, get something out of your system, go on a wild goose chase, have an axe to grind, lay your cards on the table, let sleeping dogs lie, many moons ago, a feather in your cap, at a/the drop of a hat, beat a dead horse

    6. 上級 6

      lvl 10/21

      behind the scenes, best of both worlds, don't count your chickens before they hatch, easier said than done, egg on your face, fly in the face of, give someone short shrift, hem and haw, jump to conclusions, leave in the lurch, pay the piper, people (who live) in glass houses shouldn't throw stones, put/pour your heart and soul into, put the kibosh on, read the riot act, so far so good, from scratch, get the picture, on the horizon, pave the way