基礎英単語 3000

3684 words · 18 units

基礎となる3,000の単語を学べば、話し言葉と書き言葉の95%を理解できることが言語 学者によって証明されています。さらに詳しく

English OK / okay chocolate color day do evening family father get give good goodbye happy have hello hotel hungry know lunch make man many morning mother nice night no now only radio see show sister speak swim teach television / TV think time try use visit want welcome woman work year yes yesterday


539 words · 3 units


according to as well at all be in for be over one's head beg the question break up bring back bring down call out carry out come back come in come on come to mind deal with fill in follow through get on get out get to the point get up give up go after go back go up hang in there hang out have a say / have a voice hold on to in fact in some fashion / in a fashion in the wake of live with look for make good on something on time pick up pull back put on reach out sign off take care of take in take off turn around turn in someone or something turn over up in the air used to


375 words · 3 units


apples and oranges bad apple be a happy camper be like oil and water beg the question butterflies in one's stomach calm before the storm can't judge a book by its cover cry over spilled milk curiosity killed the cat cut someone some slack devil's advocate every cloud has a silver lining for the record get in someone's way get it through your head get out of hand get something straight / set something straight go down in flames hit rock bottom hit the books icing on the cake in full swing in hot water in one's hands in the same boat it's raining cats and dogs keep your chin up keep your ears open kill two birds with one stone lose one's touch move up in the world not one’s cup of tea on the same page once in a blue moon out of one's hands packed like sardines save for a rainy day second wind set in stone step up one's game take a rain check the big picture the early bird gets the worm the likes of think outside the box through thick and thin time flies when you're having fun under the sun wake up on the wrong side of the bed


892 words · 3 units


I'm in OMG You bet! adorbs artsy fartsy badass / bad ass baggage ballistic bitchy bonkers / go bonkers bro / bruh chill / chill out crappy dope down foodie foxy get a life! go to hell gold mine hardcore heartthrob hoodie hotshot hustle kudos legit literally loser mad nerdy no biggie / no worries / no big deal peeps right on roomie rule shoot sick sweet totally! vibe wait up! what's up? whatever! wheels wicked word! yes way! yikes you know


366 words · 3 units


Valentine's Day anniversary attractive baby be in love boyfriend bride caring charming chick clever compromise couple cute cutie divorced engaged ex fall in love fiance fiancee fun funny gay girlfriend gorgeous groom handsome hug husband invite kiss lover marriage married pair partner pretty propose relationship romance romantic separated sexy single smart sweetheart thoughtful wedding wife


1037 words · 5 units


access activity advice bank bonus boss business business model business plan cash communication computer cost customer service data date group information international internet interview market meeting memo network office order partner plan policy presentation pressure price print project quality report research sale schedule service skill social media staff system team technology web website work


2919 words · 10 units


bare bounce brush cattle collapse consult crude digit dilemma diligent disorder oppose parental peculiar portable poverty predator prized profitable puzzle quote readily recipe replace reputation rumor score shore shrink sink skeleton superior tail talented tension thrilling vase vibrate vital vulnerable widespread


2141 words · 11 units


activity area aware bank boss case company continue cost detail discuss excellent experience express force form further guess include instead introduce manage mean meeting mention office period place please practice prepare pretty price private probably product reach ready receive role save seat secretary serious service special subject well


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Amazon総合1位、他5部門1位のベストセラー『場面と言葉がパッと浮かぶ スッと出てくる ユッキーのいますぐ英会話ノート』のフレーズを公開中!ドラマや映画のように学べるユニークなレッスンはYouTubeでも大人気。応援購入サービスMakuake Best Supporter賞、DMM SALON FES2021グランプリ受賞の教材プロデューサー。さらに詳しく

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