of all e-tailers identify market entry cost and
compliance with consumer and fiscal regulations
as the primary barriers to entrance into new markets.


of European customers consider fraud and additional
duties, taxes and fees at delivery a significant concern.

Boost your international
e-commerce business
Globify is a transparent,
cost-effective solution for
international e-commerce
shipping that takes care
of every step
in the logistics flow
- including Customs.

Potential hurdles in international e-commerce

An e-tailer wanting to sell internationally must comply with the following rules and regulations:
  • Group and ship items by value threshold
  • Determine and calculate import duty rates and clearance fees
  • Manage delays and holdups in Customs
  • Comply with distance sales rules
In Europe, when international e-commerce sales exceed an average of €100,000 per year per country, an e-tailer is required to:
  • Have a physical presence in each of the destination countries
  • Apply VAT adapted to up to 27 different national rates
  • Follow the related reporting requirements
A consumer receiving goods shipped internationally is often required to pay up to an additional 50% in duties, taxes and fees at the delivery point.

The Barriers:
  • Unpleasant surprises for customers upon delivery due to unpaid duties and taxes and/or unexpected charges
  • Complicated distance sales regulations and potentially unforeseen additional foreign investment
  • Complex Customs clearance procedures and frequent delays

world-class compliance

Every interaction with a customer must be viewed as a 'make it or break it' experience.

Globify takes care of every step in the logistics flow to ensure outstanding delivery services to consumers worldwide. Globify acts as an intermediary for Customs and delivers with no 'surprises'.

Eliminate the barriers and offer your customers an excellent online shopping experience.

Deliver with True Landed Cost
thanks to Globify

Unlimited benefits
  • Happy and returning customers
  • Full compliance with cross-border duty and tax requirements
    and consumer regulations
  • A precise, transparent, end-to-end process
  • Optimized customer care and complaint handling
  • Fewer returns
  • True Landed Cost
  • Full pricing transparency
  • Single up-front payment including optimized and compliant
    duties and taxes without surprises
  • A trustworthy delivery service
  • Reliable track and trace

Connect to your customers with Globify

Globify is an integrated process, bundling multiple flows and multi-national parties on a global data platform.

This end-to-end process expertise enables the True Landed Cost calculation.

Ease your international shipping process for B2C goods and offer your customers an excellent online shopping experience.
Thanks to Globify.

Case study buycostumes.com

buycostumes.com is the leading online retailer of costumes and costume accessories. The company carries
over 15,000 exclusive and licensed costumes and attracts over 10 million customers to its website during the Halloween season alone.

The challenge

Since its launch in 1999, buycostumes.com has experienced tremendous growth in the United States and Canada. European sales, while remaining stable, have not reflected these trends.

Although European customers were attracted to the website and interested in the products, the company noticed low conversion rates and high rates of cart abandonment due to the high cost of shipping and the lack of cost transparency using an expedited service.

buycostumes.com recognized that if they could off er customers an affordable shipping option with a precise landed cost at checkout, conversion rates would increase, leading to increased sales.

The solution

In 2011, buycostumes.com began offering Globify as an e-commerce shipping option for customers in Europe.

Globify offers an advanced shipping method for international with a True Landed Cost calculation at checkout. It is a trackable service with an all-inclusive, accurate and cost-effective shipping cost which simplifies the process of purchasing and delivery.

With Globify, customers are no longer inconvenienced with unexpected shipping costs to be paid at delivery, or goods held up at Customs due to incorrect Customs clearance classification.

The results

Jon Krouse, Business Development Director at BUYSEASONS Inc., parent company of buycostumes.com, shares his first results and findings after having integrated the buycostumes.com website with Globify:

"Our year-on-year order volume to some countries has increased as much as 300% using the Globify service."

"Globify has delivered what it said it would, providing the most accurate landed cost, bringing peace of mind to both our customers and ourselves."


Globify, part of
bpost International

Globify is a True Landed Cost
shipping service
offered by MSI Worldwide Mail,
a North American subsidiary of
bpost International.

About MSI

MSI Worldwide Mail, headquartered outside of Washington, DC, is an international and domestic mail/parcel distribution company.

MSI provides business-to-consumer e-commerce shipping solutions to businesses in the United States and Canada.

MSI offers True Landed Cost shipping, including Customs clearance and track and trace, as well as a full range of mail services for parcels and packets, corporate mail and publications - all at a highly competitive price.

MSI processing facilities are located in Sterling, VA, Chicago, IL, Toronto, Ontario and London, England. MSI has sales offices throughout the U.S. and Canada.

About bpost International

bpost International is located at the heart of Europe in Brussels. It has facilities in Europe, North America and Asia and it specializes in the handling and worldwide distribution of parcels, personally addressed commercial mailings, and business mail.

bpost International's portfolio consists of:

  • Innovative and compliant solutions in business-to-consumer cross-border parcels and mail
  • Short delivery times thanks to an extensive international network in Europe, and the rest of world
  • A strategically located high-performance hub in Brussels
  • Expertise in logistics and supply chain solutions

bpost International is a business unit of Belgium's national postal service. bpost has more than 33,000 employees. Each year it handles over 3.9 billion postal items.

Globify, supported by Deloitte

Deloitte is the brand name under which tens of thousands of dedicated professionals in independent firms throughout the world collaborate to provide audit, consulting, financial advisory, risk management, and tax services to selected clients.

Deloitte Tax, a division of Deloitte, collaborating with bpost International, also provides advice on legal and tax matters related to cross-border e-commerce shipping.

Thanks to this collaboration, Globify offers e-tailers full compliance with fiscal and consumer legislation when shipping to Europe, and beyond.

With approximately 182,000 people worldwide, Deloitte member firms deliver services in more than 150 countries. Revenues for fiscal year 2011 were US$28.8 billion.

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